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What are online study clubs?

Online study clubs are groups of users who share the same email domain.

So what exactly are they used for?

  • Get your study club connected though this troubling time.
  • Engage your club in a fun and competitive ranking system by contributing and learning online.
  • Get eligibility to the Student Educator Program and earn community service hours online! Plus get the EDU tag to accompany your profile!
  • Get the Student tag and student benefits to accompany your profiles.

Scroll down to find out more about your online study club.

Club Roadmap

Step 1

Have at least three of your schoolmates register with their school provided email.

Step 2

Head to this page and initiate your club.

Step 3 (Optional)

Request official school validation to enroll in the Student-Educator program. (Level 1 Validation)

Step 4 (Optional)

Request that your school participate in study pacts. This feature is coming soon... (Level 2 Validation)